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Property Investor Sentiment Returns to Greece - 05 September, 2014
In an incredible about-face, Greece has risen from the ashes of economic destitution and is returning to growth driven by booming tourism,unemployment having peaked and a return to lending by Greece’s banks. The Greek property market still... read full story
Mussolini's Rhodes Retreat Up For Sale - 13 August, 2014
In a secluded spot on a mountain named after the prophet Elijah on the Greek Island of Rhodes a villa was built as a retreat for Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's old age - ultimately, Mussolini saw neither the villa or old age and the property has... read full story
Tourism Returning to Full Health as Greece Emerges from Crisis - 26 June, 2014
Tourists are beginning to return to one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe as economic stability shows early signs of improvement. Visitor numbers are predicted to be up 20% on 2013 having doubled since 2010 when the financial crisis hit... read full story
Selling Your Greek Property - 03 July, 2012
Look around at similar properties in Greece near your location. What have been recent sales prices? A nice resource is a actual estate office, where you can get listings of properties on the Greek market that are similar to yours. Find out how... read full story
Greek Property Decor Tips - 03 July, 2012
Greek inspired decor is gaining in popularity, & lots of owners are trying to generate the laid back sunny feeling of villas in Greece in their homes all over the world. You can bring a splash of local colors & style to your villas in Greece by... read full story
Selling Property In Greece - 03 July, 2012
Drive around the area where your Greek property is located. What person or company has the most "for sale" signs posted? This is likely an agent with experience in the area & a lovely record of sales. You can also do an Web search for listings of... read full story
Buying Greece Property as a Foreign National - 09 January, 2012
Property in Greece has always held wide appeal.  Located in one of the sunniest spots in the world, with stunning views, fresh food and water almost everywhere you look, Greece is a paradise waiting to be found.  Greece’s economic realities... read full story
Worldwide Group’s Worldwide Reach - 03 January, 2012
When you want to sell property in Greece, nobody can help you like Worldwide Group.  That is because Worldwide Group lives up to its name by bringing the power of its worldwide reach to assist you in finding a buyer.  Nobody else has... read full story
Athens Holiday Apartments & Villas - 03 January, 2012
Athens is a bustling, thriving metropolis with a history that reaches back to the dawn of civilisation. From the Acropolis to farmer’s markets, there is something to see and do around every corner of the city. Home to the Olympics, both ancient and modern,... read full story
Greece’s Privatisation Programme - 12 December, 2011
With a deal now made to begin repairs to Greece’s tax and financial systems, the government itself is beginning to make the first moves.  Seeking to bring more outside investment into the country, and to satisfy some of the requirements of... read full story
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